Give us your old phone, plant a tree!

A student initiative that aims to collect, recycle and turn old and redundant phones into trees.

За нас

  • We are a group of young enthusiasts who want to make the world a better place.
  • Our aim is to collect old phones and to recycle them.
  • With the money earned from the recycling company, we plant trees all over Bulgaria.

Our phone boxes

Why choose us

One of the main characteristics that make our business so successful are:


Dynamic development of the project


Everyone in our team has the necessary qualities and competence

Noble cause

Everything we do is for charity


We take care of the trees that we have planted

Collected phones in kg
Placed phone boxes
Planted trees ​
Collected phones



We are drawing public attention to the lack of enough green space and the huge amount of waste from mobile phones.
Alexander Naumov
Production and distribution of boxes / ELSYS TU-Sofia
Collect4Life is our way to contribute to nature. Working together with our partners we create a community around the cause.
Victoria Dimitrova
The world becomes a better place when each of us changes our attitude.
Christian Vasikov
Production and distribution of boxes / ELSYS TU-Sofia
We turn something that harms nature into something that gives life. Our cause is what unites us.
Boyan Tsvetanov
Production and distribution of boxes / PGTE "Henry Ford"
We believe that each of us can and should contribute to living in a better and more beautiful world.
Kamen Stefanov
Coordinator / ELSYS TU-Sofia
We are happy to see the results of our efforts. Everyone can make a positive difference when they start with themselves.
Pavlina Miladinova
Business communication / ELSYS TU-Sofia

How to get involved

You can state your wish to participate by filling out our survey here , by connecting to our Facebook page Collect4Life or by writing us an email to

Once we have established a connection, a member of our team will deliver a box to you. If we are not able to send a person, we will send you materials and video with instructions